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A Father's Day Prayer


Bless this father

and honor this prayer

offered by the family

in his loving care. 

Give him the wisdom

and strength day by day

to guide those he loves

in Your glorious way.

Grant him good health

and take care of his needs,

as the love in his heart

is revealed in his deeds.

Repay with your kindness

again and again,

such a wonderful father

and incredible man.




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 Alex Wilder

The Spirit of Father’s Day
by Lawrence Vijay Girard
Copyright 2003

Some time ago I received a gift from both of my children. It was spontaneous and had nothing to do with Father’s day. Yet, at the same time it had everything to do with Father’s day.

My son, Kai, – he was 17 at the time – was attending a private boarding high school in Colorado. While we were talking on the phone he shared some wonderful news with me.

Kai said, “You know Dad, I am really happy with my life. I can’t think of a thing that I would change about the way that I grew up, or the way that my life is now.”

My daughter Sabari, – also 17 at the time …yes, twins! – , who was living with her mother in Northern California, said almost the same thing to me just a few days later.

Of course, I was delighted to hear this from both of them. What parent wouldn’t revel in the good spirits of their children? And I told them both how happy I was, not only that they were happy, but that they expressed it to me. The heartfelt communication that we shared is as dear to me as the news itself.

And that I reflected was the gift that they were giving me: The gift of heartfelt, open, communication. Certainly I hope for good news when I hear from them. But mostly I love that they will share their real feelings with me. Happy or sad, I love to be touched by their innermost thoughts and feelings. That is how I can really share in their lives.

The spontaneous sharing of my children reminded

me of our relationship with Spirit. Our open, honest,

heartfelt innermost thoughts and feelings flowing

towards our Creator, good news or bad, is at the

foundation of our ability to have a real conscious

relationship with God.

Many people think that God is present only at a

distance. Some think that if God is any way

knowable, that knowledge can only come after

death. But the saints of all religions have

proclaimed that God is knowable here and now

if we will just take the time to communicate with Him/Her.

Unfortunately many religious traditions have lost touch with this most essential truth. It isn’t satisfying to the soul to just read or talk about our connection with Spirit. We yearn to actually experience the reality of our relationship with God.

As an earthly father and a child of my Infinite Father I offer this Father’s Day gift to you: A simple reminder that God the Father is real and present in your life. Consciously enter into your relationship with Spirit by inwardly having a conversation with Him/Her during the day. Let God be your inner companion and friend. Let this communication be natural and heartfelt. You don’t have to make deep pronouncements to God – unless you really want to. Experiment with the type of exchange that feels most comfortable to you. The only really essential part of this is that it must be sincere. Even sincere doubt is better than insincere praise.

The highest form of communication is that which bridges the gap between those communicating – creating oneness. It is this experience of oneness that we long for with our loved ones and with God. When we can perfect our inner communication with Spirit we will consciously realize our oneness with all life – everywhere. This won’t be an abstract concept but an actual experience.

For a child, Father’s day isn’t really about giving Dad a gift. It is about recognizing the gift of caring that fathers express when they help put food on the table, teach their child to ride a bike, cheer at a soccer game,

smile at a graduation, give their daughter’s hand

in marriage, giggle with a grandchild, and most

importantly, act as a channel for God’s love to

flow through them into the lives of their children.

For a father, Father’s day isn’t so much about

taking the accolades of a job well done (even

though they may be well deserved!), but about

giving thanks for the opportunity to give. And

remember, the greatest gift that we give our children is the actual expression of our love. It isn’t enough to feel love for them inside ourselves: we need to express that love. Take a moment each day and give your child the kind of hug that can leave no doubt that you really treasure their presence in your life.

Of course, the greatest Dad of all is the father of all life. So let’s take some time this Father’s day to remember our Heavenly Father. Let’s share our innermost hopes, dreams, challenges, temporary setbacks, and victories. And once we have had our say, let’s listen carefully: For God, the Father of us all, may have a gift in store for us, the gift of awareness of His infinite loving presence in our lives.

Copyright 2011 Lawrence Vijay Girard




Being a father means showing love and not expecting anything in return. Modeling God's grace and treating everything with fairness and kindness. It means providing and protecting your children. Being a father means raising your children in to respectable adults by teaching and being actively involved in their lives.

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