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Wesley's History


First, we give credit to the "History of Wesley's 134 Years Planning Committee" lasting members, Sis. Ruby Stevens and Sis. Della Jackson. We acknowledge their resources (John Brown's book and other members of Wesley), and their hard work in uncovering our church's history.


In 1880, the Mississippi Conference showed a decline in membership. A probable result of the Negro exodus north. From 1879 to 1880 the membership declined 13%. In the midst of the decline a new congregation was started, Wesley United Methodist Church in Kosciusko. The first pastor was Rev. Marcus Nevils, 1880-1882. The congregation held together until a church was built in 1881. The site chosen was perhaps the highest hill in Kosciusko near the downtown area.


In 1957, the old church was torn down, and the present church building was constructed under the administration of Rev. Benjamin F. Harper, Sr.

Pastors Who Have Served
Wesley United Methodist Church

Anjohnette Gibbs-Walton    2019-

Roosevelt Gage                      2017-2019

Clinton Gipson                       2015-2017

A. J. Murray                            2013-2015

Selber McShepard                 2012-2013

David McCoy                         2009-2012

A. L. Johnson                          2006-2009

Shelby Singleton                    2004-2006

Willie Young                            2001-2004

Victoria S.T. Baldwin             1996-2001

Marjorie Walker                     1995-1996

Leon Collier                            1992-1995

Jerry Norris                            1989-1992

Embra Jackson                      1986-1989

S. J. Richards                         1983-1986

Richmond E. Stoglin             1982

Dwight Prowell                       1980-1981

Joe M. May                             1978-1979

Rogers Walker                        1973-1977

Roosevelt Young                     1972

B. F. Harper, Sr.                     1956-1971

E. I. Shannon                          1953-1955

W. M. Bankhead                    1951-1952

B. W. Shaw                              1950

B. H. Ashford                          1945-1949

D. T. Jackson                           1942-1944

W. N. Redmond, Sr.               1937-1941

J. L. King                                  1933-1936


J. P. Watson                         1927-1932

C. V. Heffner                       1924-1926

G. M. Chisom                     1922-1923

W. H. H. Murrell                 1920-1921

C. E. Moody                        1918-1919

J. W. Winbush                     1916-1917

L. F. White                           1914-1915

F. J. Talbert                          1912-1913

D. W. Crump                       1911

T. W. Davis                          1910

D. M. P. Hazley                   1909

T. W. Davis                          1908

D. W. Bragg                         1907

M. C. McEwen                    1905-1906

W. M. Campbell                 1902-1904

B. S. Bowie                          1900-1901

W. M. Roberts                    1898-1899

A. W. Wright                       1896-1897

D. Green                             1893-1895

F. H. Bunton                       1892

J. M. Nevils                          1891

S. H.  Nevils                        1889-1890

G. A. Griffin                        1887-1888

W. M. Parks                        1885-1886

C. L. Crump                        1883-1884

Marcus Nevils                    1880-1882


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